Frontline incident logging platform powered by WhatsApp, Sweesh and Chatbot technology.

Give your frontline teams a simple, intuitive & familiar mobile experience to capture more complete and better incident information. Information that will provide the visibility you need to decrease time-to-fix and increase first time resolutions.


1. Incident

Employees log all system
via WhatsApp.

2. Quality
Incident Info

A Structured ChatBot
flow ensures accurate
incident reporting at
every step.


3. Service
Desk (ITSM)

Completed Incident Record is sent
to your Service Desk where a
technician has all the information
needed for a first time resolution.

4. Daily

A daily progress update on the
statuses of all logged incidents is
distributed in PDF to management
via WhatsApp with the sweesh
outbound application.



Frontline incident logging platform powered by WhatsApp, Sweesh and
Chatbot technology.

Easy Adoption

Low to zero change control and training. A solution staff already know and are comfortable with.

Increases Efficiency

Reduce bottlenecks and unresolved support tickets. Eliminates call-waiting time. Increaases productivity for store & IT staff.

Accurate Information

Accurate incident logging. Reduction/Elimination of duplicate incident logging. Up to 300% improvement in IT Support call KPI’s.

Convenient Reporting

Daily progress reports for management and supervisors. Overall improved experience and convenience for all role players.

Cloud Based Software

AccuChat works when everything else is down. Continue working throughout loadshedding. Get setup in days, not months.

Rich Media Support

Diagnose problems with ease with photos, video and voice notes. Better communication between frontline staff and support.

Manage your
incidents easily.
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