Helpdesk Operations via WhatsApp.

Deliver simple, seamless customer support on the medium your customers prefer for more efficient processes and better customer experiences.


Features & Benefits

Seamlessly communicate on the medium your customers prefer.

Support Services

Our plug-and-play multi-agent platform can increase Customer Handling capacity by a factor of 10. Agents can easily respond to and manage multiple chats, increasing response rates and efficiency.

Concurrent Conversations

Multi-agent console with features designed to skyrocket agent productivity. Instantly scale query handling capacity with no increase in headcount.

Skills or Department Routing

Automatically segment customers based on conversation context, so you are able to better meet their needs.

Chat Queuing

Ensure customers know where they are at every stage of their engagement with your business.

Unlimited Agents

With Chat Inc’s WhatsApp Helpdesk Solution, we don’t charge per seat so you get the most value to drive efficiency within your team.

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